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Watkins Glen Race 8/21/98

SCCANHIS Race 7/25/98

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June 6 & 7 Team Instruction Set went to Montreal to compete in the Motorola Cup race. This race was a support race for the Formula 1 teams. We got to race on  the same track they do!

This weekend was a little on the unusual side. Practice and qualifying was one 20 minute session for each race. The race format was two 45 minute races. One on Friday and one on Saturday. We managed to get Stu Jones out for the first qualifying session. Then it was my turn to jump in for the second qualifying session. However the power steering belt broke on his last lap. So I never made it out for qualifying.  After a little negotiating the powers that be said I could start at the back of the pack for the Sat race.

Unfortunately Stu was unable to compete in the Friday race so I ended up with the opportunity to race on both Fri & Sat. The start of the race on Fri was unusual. I never started a race without ever turning a lap on the track I was about to compete on. Since I had been playing the F1 pc video game from UbiSoft and driven around the track in my Tahoe a couple times the night before I had an understanding of which way the track turned. Of course I had no idea where I should start braking for a turn. The track is a series of long straights connected by very slow tight turns.

Here are a series of pictures from our weekend in Montreal.  The whole family, Nancy, Beran and Mekenna, had a great time!  There will be more pictures added as we get them developed.

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