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Watkins Glen Race 8/21/98

SCCANHIS Race 7/25/98

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To The Mekenna Site!

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This site will provide pictures and information about current events for our team.

The Cars are loaded in the trailer and on the way to Daytona for the ROLEX 24 race. Here is the CURRENT infomation.
If you would like to see pictures and notes from our 1998 Rolex24 campaign..OLD..Here they are

8/27/98 We just came back from Watkins Glen Motorola race. Information and pictures are here and at the top left of this page.

Yes, Nancy and I just had a little girl. Mekenna Haley Rose Peter was born May 12. She went to Lime Rock for her first race on Memorial Day. Being only 10 days old she slept a lot. Then at 3 weeks she was along with us for the Motorola Cup race in Montreal. She liked the Formula 1 sounds.. she slept right through them. As soon as the testing sessions were over and it was quiet she got upset. Anyway many people have been asking to see pictures of our race team addition. Here is a link to there are many pics, as usual these pages are graphic intensive!:

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Contact Information

Please feel free to email Nancy or Me at: or

We can also be reach by phone or fax at:
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Visit Instruction Set now!

Visit Instruction Set Now! Vist Instruction Set Now!