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Watkins Glen Race 8/21/98

SCCANHIS Race 7/25/98

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Nancy, Mekenna, and Beran went to race in the Motorola Cup race at the Glen. We made the trek out with Tom Kelly and Stu Jones, we were later joined by Ed O'Brian, his crew, and Terry MacDonald-Cadieux, who was our other team car.
It was an exciting weekend full of ups and downs. We decided to drive out on Wednesday to take advantage of the Thursday test day, I had only driven the Glen once in National race in 1996 and needed some track time. Stu has driven the Glen many times and was ready to give me a hand. We also ended up get help from Pete Cunningham!! I'll save that story for later.
We have many pictures, but I'm only posting a couple now because the "photo" place made a mistake with our pics and they look really bad. So we should have the new ones back in a couple days.
Here are some pictures of the weekend: 
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