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Watkins Glen Race 8/21/98

SCCANHIS Race 7/25/98

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New Hampshire International Speedway was an SCCA club race. Known annual as the Pig Roast event. The car is a 1993 VW Golf 2.0 Liter. Showroom stock prepared by Tom Kelly of Precision Auto care. This race car is for rent and is also for sale. I had a last minute opportunity to drive this car in this event.

For me this VW brought me back to my racing roots. I started racing in 1994 with a 1987 VW Golf 1.8 L. Understanding the change in driving style required for a race car that is a front drive and low power is important for a "fast lap" and it was one I had not faced in a couple years. This racecar is classified in the ITS club racing category, the main competition in this class is the Mazda RX7. Here are a couple photos of the fun filled event. Also pictured is our new trailer! It was good to see all our friends in club racing that we have not seen in a while. And of course some photos of Mekenna who enjoyed the camping event.